a np commission for THIS BIG SWEETIE who waited so patiently while i goofed off on other things………

Korrasami Hug
Cutie patooties is what they are! Whether you ship em or you don’t they are superb girlfriends!
Korra/Asami © Nickelodeon
Art © Me

i want one of their 16/17th birthdays to be a pool party idk pool parties are cute

Zim’s heartbeat has slowed. It’s too quiet here, sitting on the floor of his lab. Dib has always found it somewhat eerie when it’s quiet, whether he’s with Zim or alone. He knows every inch of this base, and the hum of machines and fans has always soothed him.
Now, there is nothing.
Zim shifts in his arms. Dib tightens his grip and murmurs, “You think GIR will get it all sorted out?”
"…He is defective, but intelligent. When his circuits aren’t shorting out, he can do…things."
"Oh. Good."
And so the silence stretches on. He can smell the fading smoke just down the hall where the control board had exploded. They weren’t hurt, but the fire had done a lot of damage. He thinks he hears GIR singing somewhere in the ventilation shafts and knows this will take a while.
Zim coughs once.
"Are you…okay?" Dib ventures cautiously. The Irken doesn’t usually like him asking after his health.
Zim hums. “Hm. Zim will be fine.”
Well, alright then. There’s a startling clang, and then the sweeping hum of power as lights flicker back on. A cool gust of air blows through the corridor. Hallelujah.
Dib starts to release the small body. “Well, I guess I should-“
Claws dig into his arm. “Don’t.” The word is so weary, so exhausted, that Dib cannot help but comply. He scoots back slowly until he rests against the wall, and his eyes slowly drift closed.
The power hums on.
make it stooooop
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Dib is not enjoyin his first summer on earth